Liver Software Manages At-Risk Patients And Patients With Lesions

Eon has launched its latest Essential Patient Management (EPM) module, the Eon EPM Liver software solution. The Denver-based health tech company leads the industry in incidental abnormality findings technology, and now offers advanced technology to capture and longitudinally track incidental liver lesions documented in radiology reports performed outside of liver screening.

Eon EPM Liver is the only patient management software that facilities can use to manage both at-risk liver screening patients participating in testing and patients with incidental liver lesions. A comprehensive liver program can use EPM Liver to manage and track both patient populations simultaneously to ensure follow-up. This will help a program achieve a stage shift in the early identification and treatment of liver cancer, a deadly cancer that until now has been very difficult to detect early.

To capture patients with incidental liver lesions, Eon EPM Liver uses advanced AI-based technology called Computational Linguistics that understands texts similar to how the human brain works. It extracts pertinent information from radiology reports to identify incidental liver lesions with an industry-best 94% accuracy. This technology does not disrupt radiology workflow and enables providers to capture patients outside of regular screening who may be at risk for the deadly disease.

Dr. Erika Scheider, Vice President, Product and Chief Science Officer at Eon, explains the identification technology. “Eon EPM Liver uses our newest CL model to automatically identify incidental liver lesions. The model has a high overall accuracy at 94%, which will improve as we continue to augment the data sets.”

EPM Liver segments both patients with incidental findings and at-risk liver screening patients into different risk populations based on LI-RADS scores. It then automates the longitudinal tracking of patients in the low-risk categories, and sends the high-risk patients for further review. Program staff can efficiently manage all patients through the same EPM dashboard, saving valuable time that they can better spend on patient care.

EPM Liver is the latest in Eon's lineup of solutions developed to improve the early detection of disease. As Dr. Schneider said, “The new Liver cohort enhances the Eon oncology portfolio by allowing earlier detection and treatment of primary liver cancers as well as metastases from other malignancies.”

Eon EPM is an intuitive cloud-based platform, developed by a team of physicians, clinicians, and data scientists to ensure patient capture and improve outcomes. Eon EPM Liver is the latest EPM solution for multiple disease states, in addition to lung, aortic aneurysms, pancreas, thyroid, breast, adrenal, and renal. EPM is also available for actionable findings, serving as a safety net for other disease states so that no patient falls through the cracks. To support these EPM modules, Eon also offers Centralized Management, a full team of care coordinators to help hospitals offload resource-intensive tasks and focus solely on patient care.

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