LAITEK Launches Advanced Hybrid Migration Service for Medical Imaging Data

LAITEK, Inc. announces a new Advanced Hybrid Migration service that lowers the cost of migrating and storing medical imaging data while enabling health systems to improve control over and access to this critical diagnostic data.

The LAITEK Hybrid Migration Service is a variation of the LAITEK Advanced Migration Service offering.  A hybrid migration strategy can lower the upfront cost of a migration as well as the ongoing costs to store and manage older clinical information while extending the life of existing storage investments. As clinical data ages it may become less clinically relevant but can have value for AI algorithm development and research. Therefore, simply deleting is often not an option.

LAITEK experts work with clients to identify criteria for classifying older clinical data and determining how it should be managed. Then instead of migrating everything, older data is moved to the LAITEK ATRIUM Keep low-cost clinical archive that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Newer data that is deemed clinically relevant is normalized, cleaned and migrated per the LAITEK Advanced Migration process. According to the company, the benefits of this strategy are lower upfront migration costs, lower storage and related operational costs, and faster completion of the migration and dependent "go-lives." Access to all data is maintained.

Healthcare organizations are struggling with the burgeoning cost of managing an ever-increasing volume of clinical image data. The explosion of AI has increased the value of older data for training purposes but puts press on healthcare organizations to lower the costs of storing this information. Efforts to consolidate medical imaging data from all departments across a health care system further exacerbates these challenges as do ongoing mergers and acquisitions across the healthcare industry.

"Our customers are asking us for ways to reduce the cost and shorten time to migrate their data. The need has become particularly acute as our customers medical imaging archives get larger," states Fred M. Behlen, LAITEK's President. "We believe our new hybrid migration approach will help meet these needs and help align their migration strategy with their cloud archiving strategy."

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