Guerbet Showcases MR Agent Elucirem™ (Gadopiclenol) injection, Administered at Half the Dose of Gadolinium, and AI Suite

Guerbet is showcasing its imaging agent, Elucirem, a highly stable macrocyclic gadolinium-based contrast agent (GBCA) that has the highest relaxivity compared to other non-specific GBCAs (gadopiclenol-based contrast agents) and is designed to reveal high-quality images at half the conventional gadolinium dose. Dan Raffi, global chief commercial officer for Guerbet, calls the product “very disruptive in the GBCAs market,” noting that it will “transform the way of operating” in MRI diagnostics and radiology at large.

Jared Houk, commercial vice president at Guerbet, North America, recalls attending the first U.S. patient administration of Elucirem at Penn Medicine as one of the highlights of the year—both for Guerbet and him personally.

“Dr. Laurie Loevner oversaw the administration of the first dose Elucirem, and the atmosphere in the department was great. After the procedure we were able to meet with Dr. Loevner and hear her feedback on the product. It was exciting to see a product that had been years in development finally be put to use,” says Houk, noting a “great strong luminescence,” and no sacrifice to image quality with the lower dose.

At booth #1711 in South Hall A, Guerbet will also feature a full AI software-based suite that helps close the loop between monitoring and reporting, improving workflow efficiencies. These products include Dose & Care®, Contrast & Care®, Icobrain, Galileo, and OptiStar Elite. They’ll be previewing the Myrian® viewer, a universal image processing solution that can be integrated into all healthcare information systems, which resulted from a partnership with Intrasense. Guerbet will introduce this product globally, showing radiologists what is possible with the viewer and the power of the company’s new AI applications, explains Houk.

Also at the booth, Guerbet will announce the “Image of the Year” contest in partnership with Applied Radiology on Monday, Nov. 27 at 11 am. A series of winning images were chosen monthly starting in May for the "Elucirem | The Reveal Image Challenge,” evaluated by MRI thought leaders and educators, the publication’s board members, and Guerbet associates. Guerbet is also in executive partnership with the RSNA.

Of interest outside of the booth, Jeffrey Maki, MD, PhD, professor of radiology and director of MRI at the University of Colorado in Denver, will present “Relaxation Properties of GBCAs In Vitro, in Human Blood &emdash; Their Unique Behavior Might Surprise you” on Monday, Nov. 27 at 1 pm in the Innovation Theater (South Hall). He’ll explore gadopiclenol as it compares to previously investigated gadolinium contrast agents gadoteridol, gadobutrol, gadovosfeset and gadobenate in terms of their behavior in blood.

Donna Roberts, MD, from the department of radiology and radiological science at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston is presenting a scientific session “Safety of Gadopiclenolfor MRI: A Pooled Analysis of Eight Studies” on Wednesday, Nov. 29 at 10 am that will overview the safety of gadopiclenol in studies over the last decade.

Guerbet welcomes conversations with attendees at the booth and surrounding these events to better appreciate their daily experiences and share the goals of Guerbet in impacting patients’ lives.

“RSNA is such a great event, a great opportunity to bring radiologists from all over North America and the world to talk about our technology, talk about our partnerships, and learn from the industry,” Houk says. “We learn how Guerbet can adjust our solutions for the future and really get an idea to understand what the radiologists’ concerns are and understand how we can help them improve patient care.”

“We want to be not only a provider of contrast media, but we want to be a real partner,” concludes Raffi. “Expect some new developments in AI, in efficiency, and in productivity in terms of what we can accomplish together in 2024.”

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