GE HealthCare Launches Asset Management Solution, Mobile Monitoring System

GE HealthCare announced the launch of a new asset management & network supervision solution, ReadySee, and the Portrait Mobile monitoring solution at HIMSS 2023.

“We are transforming healthcare by delivering advanced technology to improve patients care options, experience, and outcomes,” said Dr. Taha Kass-Hout, Chief Technology Officer, MD, MS, GE HealthCare. “This will allow clinicians to provide their patients with a more personalized and precisely targeted experience, ultimately improving outcomes.”

ReadySee is designed to transform data into actionable insights about devices and infrastructure; eliminate manual efforts to locate such devices; and self-manage cybersecurity protocols to help identify vulnerabilities, provide risk scoring and help protect sensitive patient health information (PHI). In addition, ReadySee profiles behaviors and risks for networked & non-networked devices so they can be found and investigated without disrupting the patient care experience. ReadySee helps biomedical and IT healthcare professionals ensure their devices are ready to go, so their clinical teams can be ready to care for their patients.

The Portrait Mobile monitoring solution, pending US FDA 510(k) clearance, addresses the needs of wireless and wearable monitoring with a platform that leverages innovative technologies that are easily deployed on a hospital’s IT infrastructure. By utilizing the medical body area network (MBAN) architecture and the proprietary Byndr protocol, designed so the wireless signal is as reliable as a wired connection, Portrait Mobile patients have the autonomy to recover without the burden of being wired to a traditional monitoring device.

Robust cybersecurity protections include end-to-end encryption on a platform secured with signed software. And by adopting IHE/HL7 standards, Portrait Mobile can easily integrate with EMR systems to enable ADT workflows for admit and discharge, publish clinical documentation to patient records or connect with other third-party platforms such as a distributed alert system.
The result is a real-time personalized view of the ambulating patient, without uninterrupted data flow, which helps clinicians detect deterioration as it is happening so they may intervene early.

The company also announced that patient-acquired electrocardiograms can now be integrated into GE HealthCare’s MUSE Cardiac Management System. ECGs taken by patients on a 510(k)-cleared AliveCor KardiaMobile 6L ECG device outside of the hospital setting bring near real-time, native data directly into a physician’s existing workflow. Clinicians can synchronize clinical data and personal health monitoring with a 510(k)-cleared KardiaMobile 6L ECG device via MUSE NX and can easily compare prior ECG reports and generate in a single summary report. They also have the ability to associate multiple ECGs to a single order, and to review, edit and confirm automatically populated interpretation statements using a Statement Library. 

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