FUJIFILM Sonosite Introduces Voice Command Feature for POCUS

FUJIFILM Sonosite announced the launch of Sonosite Voice Assist application, a voice command feature that enables proceduralists to control their Sonosite PX and Sonosite LX systems hands-free during sterile or clean procedures, including central venous access, peripheral nerve blocks, among many other intricate patient procedures. The Voice Assist is easily activated with a simple voice command, “Activate Voice,” whereby proceduralists are immediately able to control many of the critical functions hands-free during an exam.

FUJIFILM Sonosite’s Voice Assist feature allows users to freeze and save images, adjust gain settings, and add color flow all through the proceduralists voice command. The feature helps reduce healthcare provider costs and streamlines workflow by eliminating the need for an assistant to be in the room to help complete an exam or procedure. Additionally, the hands-free operation allows the proceduralist to stay fully focused on the patient, contributing to a safer, more sterile environment.

“This groundbreaking advancement demonstrates FUJIFILM Sonosite’s commitment to not only enhancing its products but also improving patient care and empowering healthcare professionals to deliver the best possible medical services," said Rich Fabian, chief executive officer and president of FUJIFILM Sonosite. “Performing ultrasound without having to touch and configure controls not only helps to maintain a sterile environment and enhance flexibility but makes performing an exam more accessible for every level of user.”

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