FujiFilm Launches Compact Mobile C-arm, Persona CS

FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas has launched the Persona CS mobile fluoroscopy system, a compact mobile C-arm imaging solution designed for rapid and seamless positioning in operating room (OR) environments. The system is designed to provide enhanced live image guidance during a wide range of surgeries in the OR, including orthopedic, complicated surgical, pain management (anesthetics) and emergency procedures.

The Persona CS’ powerful 5kW onboard generator provides more than twice the power of typical compact c-arms, improving image quality and x-ray scans for patients of all sizes. Its large diameter and lightweight design makes it easy for surgeons and staff  to  bring  the  system  directly  to  the operating table and move around the patient. With its unique design and selection of 30cm or 21cm Cesium Iodide Flat Panel detectors for crisp, high-equality imaging viewing, the C-arm empowers surgical teams to work with precision and confidence in today’s busy OR environment. The Persona CS is an all-in-one system, which helps optimize space in crowded operating rooms. Its advanced imaging console provides high-resolution X-ray images in real time so that surgeons can seamlessly monitor the progress of the procedures and make decisions accordingly.

“ The rise of traumatic injuries, orthopedic issues, cancers and other diseases demand complex surgical intervention. Fortunately, today’s C-arm fluoroscopy machines are able to adapt to the needs of different types of surgeries,” said Susan Crennan, Sr. Product Manager, FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation. “With the launch of the Persona CS, we’re thrilled to offer customers with two powerful C- arm solutions that cater to large hospitals, and now ambulatory surgery centers and pain clinics.”

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