Cloud-Based Workflow Solutions for Konica Minolta Exa Platform Launched at RSNA

Approximately half of recommended patient follow-up contained in radiology reports, including incidental findings, are not acted upon and often result in missed or delayed diagnosis.1,2 Automating this process can increase patient follow-up rates, which may improve patient outcomes as well as increase adherence to additional follow-up recommendations by up to 60%.3 To address this need, Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas introduces Exa Connect as part of the Exa Platform.

Using artificial intelligence to efficiently identify patients at risk for critical missed follow-up care, Exa Connect closes this gap in patient care. Based on information contained in the radiology report, Exa Connect creates an order in Exa RIS and utilizes digital messaging to communicate the recommended follow-up with the care team and the patient. Good communication between patients and providers may potentially enhance patient safety and outcomes, improve the coordination of care and decrease the cost of care.4 Exa Connect is fully automated, so there is no need for staff to implement or manage this capability – it is simple and seamless to launch Exa Connect into existing clinical workflows.

Konica Minolta is also introducing Exa Clear Authorization, an innovative prior-authorization solution integrated directly into the Exa RIS Workflow designed to help radiology practices avoid lost revenue. This advanced technology streamlines the prior-authorization process by proactively engaging with the patient's insurer across multiple payer portals directly from the Exa worklist. Exa Clear automates data entry by allowing staff to focus on exceptions to drive productivity and expedite exceptional patient care. By efficiently capturing any required prior authorizations, Exa RIS helps practices avoid rescheduled or missed appointments due to insurance issues, improves the patient experience and maximizes insurance payments. Exa Connect and Exa Clear Authorization are powered by ImagineSoftware, a leading provider of revenue optimization solutions.

The company also announces that Exa Cloud is fully operational with Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling the Exa Platform to be hosted in the public cloud. As a fully web-based solution, the Exa Platform now gives customers a cloud-hosting choice with either AWS or Konica Minolta’s private cloud that currently manages over 1.5 petabytes of data for hundreds of customers. With the public cloud, Exa Cloud leverages native infrastructure services, including Platform as a Service (PaaS), and lays the foundation for additional services such as Database as a Service (DBaaS) and native replication and backups. With either the private or public cloud solution, Exa customers have the flexibility, agility and scalability to deploy and manage software securely and efficiently. Hardware, software and networks are continuously maintained and upgraded with Exa Cloud, reducing on-site maintenance and IT staffing costs as well as the added expense for third-party IT vendors to manage the process. 

“Many radiology departments are facing higher volumes of imaging examinations without a corresponding increase in staff. While imaging systems are becoming more efficient, there remains some manual and time-intensive tasks that the staff complete, such as recommended patient follow-up and prior authorization. At Konica Minolta Healthcare, we are leveraging advanced technology to further automate the entire clinical workflow to help customers enhance patient outcomes, increase patient and staff satisfaction and drive additional revenue on a platform that optimizes business growth,” says Kevin Chlopecki, Chief Operating Office, Konica Minolta Healthcare IT.

Konica Minolta Healthcare will introduce these new capabilities at the Radiological Society of North America 2023 Annual Scientific Assembly and Meeting, being held in Chicago, November 26-30, booth 2146.

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