Clarius Receives CE Mark for Dual-Array Wireless Handheld Scanner

Clarius Mobile Health has received CE Mark for its Clarius PAL HD3 wireless handheld whole-body ultrasound scanner combining phased and linear arrays on a single head. It offers superior image quality of superficial and deep anatomy at the bedside1. The Clarius PAL HD3 high-definition wireless scanner is available today in Europe and the United Kingdom.

“You can probably do 95 to 99% of all the ultrasound imaging you need to do during a shift with this single device,” says Dr Tom Cook who practices at a busy urban hospital. “If you compare the cost of this device to a cart-based system, you're talking a factor of 10 to 15, maybe even 20, depending on the type of system you're using. So, it's very, very inexpensive.”

Clarius is as compact as an iPhone and works seamlessly with iOS or Android devices, ensuring easy mobility from patient to patient. Clarius PAL HD3 is the only whole-body handheld scanner to deliver high-resolution images from the skin down to 40 cm of depth. Healthcare professionals can perform whole-body ultrasound exams without the need to swap devices or transport bulky systems between rooms. Clarius PAL HD3 is the 11th wireless handheld ultrasound scanner in the Clarius specialty ultrasound lineup.

“Our unique dual-array design was driven by our objective to deliver a portable whole-body ultrasound device that produces superior imaging quality, performance, and usability than what was currently available for clinicians,” says Kris Dickie, Chief Technology Officer at Clarius who led the project from ideation to commercialization. “Given the sales volume of the Clarius PAL since we introduced it in the United States late last year, we’re happy to confirm there’s definitely a strong market for a single, versatile device that supports multiple exams and broad clinical applications for hospital physicians.”

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