Barco Integrates AI Software for Dense Breast Visualization in Displays

Barco is integrating DL Precise from DeepLook Medical, a one-click lesion segmentation, measurement, and visualization tool for breast imaging, into its display systems. Its core technology, patented and FDA-cleared, is a deterministic shape recognition algorithm that yields consistent results on multiple imaging modalities – mammography, ultrasound, CT and MRI – all with a single click.

The DL Precise visual enhancement software reveals the hidden data, and its shape-recognition method vividly displays the results: segmenting and measuring target masses with unprecedented speed, precision, and consistency. Clinicians can also elect to add color to DL Precise’s segmentation image, leveraging Barco’s unique SteadyColor feature to further sharpen visual contrast in a consistent way.

“The existing Intuitive Workflow Tools will benefit from this add-on AI software tool which addresses a significant unmet need in medical imaging, enabling rapid and accurate lesion segmentation, measurement, and visualization” says Dirk Feyants, Executive Vice President of Diagnostic Imaging at Barco. “Combined with our displays’ excellent image quality, this tool offers a new layer of confidence to breast radiologists. We are proud to lead the way in offering breast radiologists the essential tools they require to enhance their patients' well-being."

“The combination is a true breakthrough for breast screening and this is just the beginning,” says DeepLook Medical’s CEO Marissa Fayer. “Together with Barco, we are ushering in a new era of in-depth visualization, expanding the capacity of clinicians and helping them improve outcomes for patients.”

This plug-in application will be available in a licensing model and can be easily installed on radiologist workstations, leveraging the QAWeb Enterprise platform, part of Barco’s ecosystem. DL Precise™ will be integrated with Barco display systems, enabling deployment across hundreds of medical imaging viewers used by thousands of clinicians. Clinicians can delve deeper into areas of concern with a single mouse click or hot-key command. The resulting findings are instantly generated through the software’s local application, supported by Barco's Intuitive Workflow Tools.

The tool is currently available in the US only, with certifications in other global regions pending and planned.

Marissa Fayer concludes: “Technologies like DL Precise offer new hope for the millions of people whose dense breast tissue currently masks cancer on mammograms.”

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