Argon Adds New Device to Soft Tissue Biopsy Portfolio

Argon Medical Devices announced the launch of the SuperCore Advantage Semi-Automatic Biopsy Instrument as the newest addition to its soft tissue biopsy product portfolio in the US.

The SuperCore Advantage is a disposable, next generation soft tissue biopsy instrument that the company says provides a superior volume of tissue samples. Collecting more tissue volume may increase the likelihood of an accurate diagnosis, allowing healthcare professionals to feel confident sending tissue samples to pathology for analysis. The new design is available in a full range of lengths and gauge sizes so that physicians can select the best fit device for the clinical application.

"Precise and reliable biopsies are critical in the quest for better patient outcomes," said Dr Paul Guzzetta, Interventional Radiologist, Advocate Christ Medical Center. "By delivering greater tissue volume, the new SuperCore Advantage provides the pathologist with the tissue needed to perform necessary diagnostic tests and determine potentially life-altering diagnoses or treatment options for patients."

"Argon is proud of the innovation we are bringing to soft tissue biopsies. The SuperCore Advantage was designed with input from healthcare professionals to help address the clinical needs and wants of those who perform biopsies on patients at a critical crossroad in their lives," said George Leondis, President & CEO, Argon Medical. "We are very pleased to bring this long-awaited product to market."

"We take pride in offering a full portfolio of best-in-class soft tissue biopsy solutions for our clinician customers. Adding the SuperCore Advantage to this portfolio among other segment leaders like the BioPince Ultra Full Core Biopsy Instrument, will fortify our reputation as a leading provider of soft tissue biopsy devices," said Tom Younker, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Argon Medical.

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