Agreement Augments X-ray with AI for Faster Interpretation

Fujifilm India recently announced that its X-ray solutions will be augmented with qXR*1,’s computed aided radiology software designed with deep-learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. According to, this AI technology can analyze X-ray images to detect abnormal findings within seconds. Fujifilm’s portable X-ray FDR Xair system connects with the qXR software through a new image processing box called Expansion Unit EX-Mobile*2 to flag abnormal findings at the point-of-care.

qXR,’s chest X-ray interpretation technology, can detect suspected abnormalities indicative of COVID-19, tuberculosis, lung cancer, misplaced catheters and multiple other radiological findings allowing for further review and confirmatory testing. The technology has been trained on a global dataset and can be used for both adult as well as pediatric images.  

The combination of EX-Mobile with the FDR Xair system will bring AI technology to both city hospitals and remote regions that lack emergency critical care. This will help clinicians respond to the rapidly increasing global demand for effective lung procedures, especially during disease outbreaks. 

“Fujifilm and’s technology will deliver a support tool to assist the care providers for accurate diagnosis faster. With the help of technology and special examination, we can diagnose the disease while it is asymptomatic, with no signs or symptoms. The earlier detection of disease may lead to more cures or longer survival. Our partnership with will support the expansion of tuberculosis screening in India, and also other developing countries where there is limited access to such health service. We believe there's tremendous potential in this partnership,” said Koji Wada, General Manager, Fujifilm India Medical Division. 

“We are delighted to partner with Fujifilm to improve quality of care by accelerating patient triage, diagnostics and treatment.’s CE- certified and WHO-endorsed technology will elevate patient care and reduce radiologists’ workload across healthcare institutions,” said Prashant Warier, CEO and Co-Founder,

Fujifilm customers will be able to select one of the clinical packages available with qXR, including:  

  • qXR-COVID-19 to monitor lung density changes 
  • qXR-Lung Nodule for automated pulmonary nodule detection, to enable early detection of metastatic lung cancer 
  • qXR-TB to reduce wait times for confirmatory tests for diseases like tuberculosis
  • qXR-Critical Care to detect misplaced catheters and tubes 

1 Available in select CE Mark countries. Not available in all regions.

2 Expansion Unit EX-Mobile is option product of Fujifilm’s FDR D-EVO II DR cassette.

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