ACR Releases Updated MR Safety Manual

The American College of Radiology (ACR) has released the 2024 edition of the ACR Manual on MR Safety. This new manual replaces the web-based version published in 2020 and is intended to be used by MR facilities as a template to follow in the development of a safety program.

In addition to covering the management of MR safety policies, including the roles of MR medical director, MR safety officer and MR safety expert, the guide provides information on the organizing the MR facility into four safety zones. Guidance on staff/personnel access, and remote scanning staffing considerations are also covered. As with prior versions, the manual provides in-depth guidance on MR screening, examination preparation and completion, MRI fields and safety concerns, contrast agents and medical implants and devices in the MR environment, including MR safety labeling classifications.

The 2024 web-based manual can be downloaded on the ACR website.


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